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It can be argued that no consumer electronics company has captured the public’s fascination the way Apple has.

Over the years it has morphed into more than just a company or corporation, but for many it has become a representation of a lifestyle or culture, and a status symbol complete with a larger fan base than most pop stars…

Every year Apple Computer consistently comes out of the blue with products that alter the trajectory of the technology business and leave observers rubbing their eyes in amazement. We are talking about Apple’s latest gadgets, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Even though I can call myself a Mac fanboy, there are some “missing” features of these devices I am not happy about, and it can cause a bit of issue, especially when it comes to the Flash content. As you may know or may not, Apple devices do not support this important and commonly used Web plug-in.

So what about the flash 360 virtual tours then? Well it is not a question or an issue anymore, as taking advantages of the powerful abilities of HTML5, viewing virtual tours and other interactive content on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is now possible.

This guarantees that all the 360 degree virtual tour I now produce, will translate seamlessly into your website and be viewable anywhere, on any device with or without Flash support. So grab your ipad or iphone and check out my portfolio on the home page at the top of the website.
Tap, hold and drag to move the view…  Enjoy

iOS 360º Virtual Tour App

IOS VRIt’s been a long time since I created my first html5 virtual tour, and I remember how amazing it was to be able to view a 360 virtual tour on my iPad. You might not know, but Apple sold its 100 millionth iPad, two and a half years after the first model came out. You can imagine how many people are online on the daily basis using their Apple gadgets…and this number is just growing daily?

As these tablets are getting better and faster, we have to keep up with the pace and make our html5 virtual tours compatible with the different models, come up with new ideas and make them as interactive and feature rich as possible. In the past we managed to integrate floor maps, videos and hotspots into our iOS virtual tours, but due the the higher expectations we’ve had to look out for new solutions and features to take our virtual tours to another level.

Now I have got something really special and exciting to share with you, so get your Apple gadgets ready as we are about to introduce our new iOS Virtual Tour App for iPhone or iPad devices.

To make it more exciting, we have generated a QR Code for our example, so all you have to do is to download the free i-nigma QR Code scanner from the App Store and scan the code below. If you are on your iPhone or iPad when you read this, just tap on the buttons to view the examples.

What you are about to see is the most advanced iOS Virtual Tour App on the market…

html5 virtual tour app

iOS App Features

• Video Player/PlayList  • Audio Player/Playlist • Twitter Inside! • Unlimited Panoramas
• Pro Photo Gallery/Slideshow   • Gyroscope Inside! • Contact Page • Google Maps/Street View
• Scrolling Navigation Menu • iOS 7 Support • Social Network Sharing • Full Screen

iPhone Screenshots

iOS Virtual Tour App iOS Virtual Tour App iOS Virtual Tour App iOS Virtual Tour App iOS Virtual Tour App iOS Virtual Tour App iOS Virtual Tour App

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