Damir Stojkovic, MD @ iOSVR.com
Damir Stojkovic, MD @ iOSVR.com iOS VR Software & App Development

Probably one of the most professional websites I have seen in our industry, from the clean Apple’esc look and feel of your website to the style and design of your tours… pure class.

The Man With A Fisheye

My name is Pete, a dude straight from Hungary. I am a Panoramic Specialist and Web Designer based in Hove, East Sussex. In the past few years I have been working for different UK and overseas organisations (Getty Images), providing interactive 360º photography and 360º Virtual Tour solutions for online and off-line media…

Panoº Brighton

PanoºBrighton is Brighton’s first and only Virtual Tour business directory. We provide 360 degree panoramic images, also known as Virtual Tours, for business properties that are viewable on computers, tablets and smart phones. As the old saying goes ‘A picture says a thousand words’, so how about a 360 degree Virtual Tour?

Html5 Solutions

It can be argued that no consumer electronics company has captured the public’s fascination the way Apple has. Over the years it has morphed into more than just a company or corporation, but for many it has become a representation of a lifestyle or culture, and a status symbol complete with a larger fan base than most pop stars…

The Virtual Tour Man

Virtual Tour Packages

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Optional Features

• Interactive Floor Plan  • Google Map Integration • QR Code Links for Mobile Marketing • Company Branding
• Hotspot Navigation   • Interactive Hotspots • Audio and Video Integration • Custom iOS App

These features can be added to any of our virtual tour packages up on request.

The Virtual Tour Man

Virtual Tour Projects

gap solutions royal pavilion jbs american diner
meze meze ovingdean college Tyson Ltd
jurys inn royal pavilion jurys birmingham

Oak Barn Vets – Guildford, Surrey


Wahey we are finally live! – visit www.panobrighton.co.uk for more…

I have created this blurb just to give you a brief explanation about the key facts, benefits and statistics of 360 degree virtual tours. I will also show you why virtual tours are still important and unique marketing tools today, even though it has been almost two decades since the technique was first use.

In this section I am going to cover most of the aspects of 360 panoramic tours, but if you cannot find a information you are after, you can always check out my FAQs section or simply just Google it…

If you are interested about the history of the virtual tours, methods of creation, image stitching etc… please visit this link I want to know more about 360º virtual tours

Now let’s talk about the facts, statistics and the benefits…
“What you get is what you see”…so let them watch it in 360°!!!>

The only way to attract customers and get them to understand the benefits of any service or product is to explain, and to show what they can expect for their money. There are many businesses out there today still losing valuable sales by not taking full advantage of maximum use of internet marketing.

Your website is your “shop window”, so you need to show what you have got in a way, that whoever visits your web page stays longer than the average of 30 seconds. You need something eye catching, visual and something people talk about and remember, which induces them to return to your website over and over again.me being serious

The idea is fairly simple – if a picture paints a thousand words then think of the benefits that a 360 degree Virtual Tour would offer? 360 degree Virtual Tour gives your customers an opportunity to see what you’re selling in a way that no ordinary two dimensional photography can do. Virtual Tours provide viewers with a complete picture rather than just segments or angles that leave questions and uncertainties in their minds.

360 degree virtual tours, or panoramic viewing, have got significantly better over the last ten years, allowing the user to navigate the tours by clicking on maps or integrated floor plans.

– Tours are higher resolution without compromising load times
– More Intuitive controls
– Thumbnail navigation
– Simple installation into your website
– Custom integration for your company branding

Recently a client of ours said that “Still pictures are used to sell the ambience, character and the attraction” for staying at their Hotel. Although they do give an idea to the potential customer of what can be expected, they are limited purely by the nature of being a two dimensional picture. By allowing us to turn their Hotel into a 360º experience they said “our customers now see things on a whole new level of detail, as if they were really there.”

If you are unsure whether virtual imaging is right addition to your online advertising campaign, please read the following facts:

Virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40% (source: Property Week)

The estimated Return on Investment (ROI) for virtual imaging is less than 4 weeks

While only 15% of all hotel bookings are made over the Internet, 65% of all travel bookings are researched online.

Virtual imaging increases on-line bookings by up to 85%

75% of those surveyed, visited 3-4 hotel web sites before making their choice.

Unlike most other marketing tools, virtual imaging continues to earn you revenue until you refurbish!

The Internet has become the top choice for consumers to investigate travel destinations, whether for business or leisure.

Full virtual imaging will increase your sales!

96.2% of travellers use the Internet as a source of information when planning a trip.

Virtual Tours Get OVER 5 Million Visits a Day.

80% of Internet shoppers say images are imperative when deciding to buy or use a company’s product or services. (2006, Pew Internet & American Life Study)

A compelling use of virtual technology will keep visitors on your site, and will also keep them coming back.

80% of consumers search for information online. That means at least 60% of your marketing dollars should be spent optimizing your company online.

47% said virtual tours were very important to a listing.

“Statistics from realtor.com show that listings with virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours.” Susan Barber in the Business Development section of RISMedia’s Real Estate magazine (May 2006)

These statistics may seem to be a bit outdated, but these figures just increased since as the internet has become the top choice for consumers to investigate travel destinations, whether for business or leisure.
Overall, by adding an interactive 360° virtual tour, your site becomes unique and appealing, and you will gain a competitive advantage, improve exposure and increase sales.
Louise Ketteridge BVetMed MRCVS
Louise Ketteridge BVetMed MRCVS Oak Barn Vets

On opening a practice we were looking for new technology to show prospective clients how our Veterinary Practice is different.  The VR Tour does just that!  Pete was brilliant – he spent the morning at Oak Barn and created a complete 360 degree tour of the entire building.  It has proved incredibly popular on our web site.  The images are crystal clear and it really gives you a good insight into the practice.  It is especially clever how you can direct the cursor and investigate the building all by yourself!

Louise Lloyd-Evans
Louise Lloyd-Evans Young Friends Nursery

I own a children’s nursery in Hove and I have to admit I am a total amateur in all things web based. Pete, possibly one of the most patient men in the world, guided me through the abyss and made my website look fabulous. I am over the moon. The virtual tour literally makes the nursery sparkle with life and has been invaluable in letting future families see what we offer. I get compliments all the time about the site and especially the tour – thanks Pete!

The Virtual Tour Man

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a 360 degree virtual tour?

A: A 360° Virtual Tour is a display of interactive panoramic images that feature an existing scene/room or location, giving web site visitors a 360 degree view, and the best sense of being there. Virtual Tours can allow a user to view an environment whilst on-line. My panoramic images are made using advanced photographic techniques and are exported in a special way so making them easy to view/host & maintain on my clients’ websites. A virtual tour may also be called a Panoramic Tour, 360 Degree VR Tour, 3D Virtual Tour, 360 Photography, 360 Panoramic View, 360 Degree Presentation, 360 Tour.

Q:What is panoramic photography?

A: Panoramic is a technique of photography, using specialised equipment and software, that captures images with elongated fields of view. Panoramic images use a wide aspect ratio that provides an unobstructed view of an area, most typically a landscape, covering more than the human eye can naturally see.

Q: What is HDR photography?

A: HDR, or ‘High Dynamic Range’ compositing is the process of layering photos of the same subject at different exposures to achieve the best lighting conditions for each part of your image. A photo panorama consists of multiple photos stitched together using a computer program, allowing super-wide angles of view for the viewer to take in more of the environment. Combining these techniques create photos that are not only beautiful, but packed with information for both the photo editor and the final viewer.

Q: How are your virtual tours created?

A: The first step required to create a virtual tour is to capture the virtual tour images. Virtual tour images are created by capturing from 4-9 images from the center point of view of the scene. This is done by placing a specially equipped digital or film camera on a panoramic tripod head at the centre point of the scene and rotating the camera after the image is captured. The second step required to create a virtual tour is to process and then retouch your stitched image. Once the stitching together and retouching of separate images done, the final step is encompassing a 360 degree circle or a spherical view using a virtual tour software.

Q: What are hotspots all about?

A: Hotspots are clickable areas within the vr tour that create a very cool way to display deeper information on any environment, and allow for the viewer to move to another location by simply clicking on them.

Q: Does the virtual tour come with extra features?

A: Each virtual tour comes with a standard skin navigation, but extra features such as hotspots, floor plan, information panel, google map can be added up on request.

Q: Where are they used?

A: Virtual tour, is an effective method for the presentation of hotels, restaurants, clubs, schools, spas, pubs, commercial properties and other public and touristic places on web. Virtual tours are also popular and highly effective in the commercial property industry, where a realistic 3D view of a home or property can be presented to interested purchasers.

Q: What’s the benefit of having a virtual tour on your website?

A: Your website is your “shop window”. Having a 360 Virtual tour on your website is the perfect tool of today’s internet marketing increasing your level of service and gain a competitive edge.

Q: What do I get for my money and how much does a virtual tour cost?

A: Myself and my partners aim is to provide an outstanding, fast, reliable, high quality service at realistic rates, based on the specific requirements of our customers. I offer a wide range of interactive HDR 360 degree virtual tours, 3D object virtual tours, panorama photography and professional web design incorporating a rich variety of features in order to produce a personalised, high quality presentation that works specifically for your business. In a current financial climate is really difficult to come up with a competitive pricing, that is why I always try to agree on a price to fit our clients budget.

Q: Do I need a web site to have a virtual Tour?

A: No, you do not need to have a website for your virtual tour, but if you need one, we can build it for you as well. Your vr tour(s) will be hosted on one of our servers for free of charge, and a link will be provided once the project finished. You can use this link for your marketing by either emailing or get them embedded into other websites.

Q: How quickly will my tours be online?

A: Virtual Tours are typically processed within 72 hours of being photographed, but the timescale also depends on the complexity of the project, any additional design and the number of scenes/rooms.

Q: Can I view my virtual tours on Apple devices?

A: Yes, you can! As you probably know Apple does not support Flash on their devices. Which means, you cannot view Flash content on your Apple gadget such as Flash Virtual Tours. But I have got the solution…for more information please check out my html5 virtual tours section…